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St. Louis Throw
Size - Small
Colour - Pale Greys
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Price - £12.00


When you’re running your own business, sometimes it’s really hard to see the wood from the trees. Like most people, there are many occasions when I feel lost in an endless thicket of phone calls, emails, paperwork, laundry, and a thousand other tasks.

My business has undergone unexpected (but exciting) expansion this year: I’ve grown from one shop to two, soon to be three, all in beautiful Mevagissey. The growth spurt has caught me by surprise, and so many opportunities all at once can befuddle the mind, and make me question my choices.

At these times, I remind myself that while it’s easy to feel alone, I’m not. I’ve been really lucky to have the mentorship and guidance of other businesswomen whose experience and wisdom has been invaluable to my decision making process. They’ve been in the same position before, and their shared knowledge is a comfort that helps me to choose my path carefully and with intention.

Sleep refreshes the mind, and in floundering moments of hesitancy and uncertainty, my dreams can sometimes lead to practical decisions – what seems to be a jumble of racing thoughts and obscure symbols in an unconscious state can make perfect sense upon waking. There are certainly days when I sit bolt upright with a clear head, and an “Oh!”.

As long as you can find your way out of the woods rather than staying lost in them, that’s the main thing. Be resolute in your choices, and keep moving forwards.