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St. Louis Throw
Size - Small
Colour - Pale Greys
Qty - 1
Price - £12.00


Since civilisation began, trade has been in existence. From swapsies prior to currency, to Trajan’s Market in Ancient Rome which housed five storeys of shops, to modern day malls, human beings have found a method of exchanging goods, and showcasing their craftsmanship.  

Alongside my website, which is undeniably a convenient and easy way for customers to shop, I’m a huge believer in bricks and mortar retail, which is the primary reason that I have three shops in Mevagissey, each one offering something different: My Little Sister shop is home to children’s clothing and accessories; My Big Sister boutique is a lifestyle and gift emporium; and my homewares store, At Home, offers essential textiles for the home. 

People visiting my shops have the opportunity to use their senses, to feel, smell, and see the quality of the products in front of them, as well as engaging in conversation.  

I am always delighted to hear how much my customers have enjoyed their retail experience in Mevagissey, thanks to the choice of unique, independent shops here. From Hurley’s Bookshop to the Bathhouse and Soapery, there are so many interesting places to visit and stories from the founders and makers to be heard. 

It’s sad that more isn’t done to support small independent retailers who are trying to thrive on the UK high streets. With such a rich and vibrant history, it’s a real shame that the once enjoyable sport of shopping has become so unappealing thanks to industry giants breaking the backbone of our shop-keeping nation.