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St. Louis Throw
Size - Small
Colour - Pale Greys
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British picnics can be a lavish affair, and it’s perfectly possible to spend a fortune on fancy hampers which have everything but the kitchen sink, afterwards feeling like an upward heave from the picnic rug is an impossibility, anchored by pork pie, Scotch eggs, and sausages with mustard.

I’m not knocking our British traditions, I love an al fresco feast, just as much as I love an (English) mustard-topped banger. But I’ve come to appreciate the ease of “le pique-nique”; the uncomplicated, unfussy French style of picnicking which entails sticking a baguette in a bag with some ham and cheese and making for the park, the beach, the woods, or the hills without being weighed down by a heavy basket.

Luckily, with lockdown restrictions easing a little, it has been possible to prolong daily exercise excursions, and pause for thought while enjoying a healthy stroll in the fresh air, a hearty snack and a beautiful view. So fill your pockets with fruit, stuff in a roll, and forget the frills.