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St. Louis Throw
Size - Small
Colour - Pale Greys
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“I’ll polish the leaves, make ’em green again;
Shake out the trees, change the scene again;
Spring cleaning – getting ready for love!

I’ll sweep out the nook down in Lovers’ Lane;
Turn on the brook, make it run again;
Spring cleaning – getting ready for love!

I’ll dust off those wintry bowers,
Wash them off with April showers,
Cover them with fragrant flowers,
Shine up the silvery moon.

‘Cause soon you and I have a rendezvous
Under the sky, like we used to do;
Spring cleaning – getting ready for love!”

Walter Samuels / Leonard Whitcup / Teddy Powell 1937 as recorded by Thomas “Fats” Waller & his Rhythm on March 18th 1937 in New York.

We are getting ready for the season to begin again here in Mevagissey. I’ve been cleansing my mind, and sweeping away the metaphorical dust that gathered over the winter months to Fats Waller’s infectious song which never fails to make me smile. Everything smells of fresh paint which I always find exciting, and my sparkle that was dulled for a while over the winter is back to full beam again!

There’s a romance about spring that I find irresistible. Dewy new fantasies manifest, and images of fairytale dresses, pillows plump with dreams, and beds on carpets of bloom arouse my mind; the hibernating magic stirs from slumber and stretches, renewed buds of ideas preparing to unfurl and burst into bloom. The promise of new beginnings tantalises and fills me with hope in a world where things are uncertain and unreliable.

Those of you who remember my first ever shop that opened almost four years ago in March 2018 may recall that I adorned the window with stems of cherry blossom as part of my inaugural display. I’ve always adored blossom – specifically cherry blossom – as it heralds the start of spring. Cherry blossom is known as a symbol of love, and a representation of feminine beauty, strength, and sexuality. There’s something prepossessing about the prettiness and delicacy of the ephemeral blooms that I find simply enchanting.

I haven’t been idle during the dormant months. I’m eager to introduce you to my Morgan Kimono, named after Morgan Le Fay, the epitome of female mystique, and my Jess Dress this coming season. These will be arriving in store soon, and both are available in a gorgeous sakura blossom pink, along with other colours.