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St. Louis Throw
Size - Small
Colour - Pale Greys
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Professionally and personally, sometimes it’s necessary to take the risk and expose yourself by opening up and extending your tentacles to form new connections. Sometimes exposure results in rejection or disappointment, making you retract like a prodded sea anemone. In these moments, you pick yourself up, and carry on. 

Connections are formed for a reason. People come into our lives, sometimes fleetingly, for a purpose. That purpose can be to enable us to develop as individuals and businesses, to learn and grow, to challenge our way of thinking, to help us realise what it is what we want, renew our focus, and encourage us to go and get it. 

So don’t worry if encounters are brief, they can bring positive benefits, and valuable lessons, along with intellectual engagement or whimsical stimulation. Alternative ways of doing things can be presented, discoveries can be made, different viewpoints can be offered, and consequently, businesses – and people – can be strengthened by even the scantest shared knowledge and the most perfunctory partnerships.

It’s a gamble, it’s an investment, it’s a transaction, it’s human condition. Don’t be afraid of the opportunity to open up; take it for what it is, appreciate it, and if it proves transient, move on to the next adventure. 

Be receptive, embrace what comes your way, and treasure the experience.