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I’ll never forget The Queen visiting my hometown of Swansea when I was a schoolgirl. We were all on our very best behaviour, and wildly waved our flags as she walked past.

Mevagissey was filled with lovely tributes to Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee this month. There was bunting galore, and the harbourside railings where every momentous occasion is artistically expressed were adorned with knitted and crocheted figures of HM, corgis, crowns, Beefeaters, and Queen’s Guard soldiers in bearskin hats.

I very much enjoyed watching the celebratory concert with a glass of wine to toast a reign spanning seven decades. What a fabulous sport Her Majesty was with Paddington Bear, a delightfully sweet and humorous sketch that touched so many hearts of the nation. A wonderful sense of humour providing much needed mirth during yet another turbulent year of world events.

A highlight was Buckingham Palace turned into a giant hothouse by some very clever special effects, paired with Sir David Attenborough’s and Prince William’s messages about preserving and protecting this planet of ours for future generations. Unethical manufacturing processes and mindless consumerism has to stop to assist with preventing the destruction of the rainforests.

Over the course of the special bank holiday, I was awestruck by the beauty of the pageantry, and the quirkiness that makes us the strange little island that we are. The incredible spectacle of the pomp and circumstance that our nation is renowned for, coupled with the breathtaking and fun drone display of the concert made my stiff upper lip tremble, and there was a dampness around my eyes. What a show!

I feel humbled by HM’s 70 years of consistent and dedicated service. I’m really proud to be British, and to have the grace and poise of our noble uber-matriarch to aspire to.

God Save The Queen.