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St. Louis Throw
Size - Small
Colour - Pale Greys
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Price - £12.00

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Thanks to a peripatetic career on the road, I felt like a real-life Paddington Bear, and I longed for a sense of permanence.

After enjoying an idyllic childhood in Wales, I realised that to me, the ultimate luxury is quality time at home, whether alone, or with loved ones.

That’s why I decided to launch my own range of homeware products, designed to bring a sense of comfort to the most sacred of places. Home. The one place that a person can have a true sense of self.

My Own Bed

As a light sleeper, during my career on the road I found it really difficult to get a good night’s sleep. The only place I seemed to conquer the art of sleep was at home, in MY OWN BED. A familiar, comfortable, and personal place, I always loved to dress my bed simply, but in the best linens I could afford. For me, there’s nothing more relaxing than getting home for the evening, and climbing in between fresh sheets after a long soak in the bath.

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Albert & Aurora

A collection of beautiful products for children.

Inspired by the first born children of my sister and my best friend, Albert & Aurora is a collection of traditional, classic children’s bedding and accessories for babies and infants. Whilst I was on my travels, I loved shopping for Albert & Aurora in far off lands, and the items I brought home always caused cries of delight.

Boldly & Brightly

A play on my family motto of “Fortiter et Recte” (Boldly and Rightly), this range embraces my love of neutral colours with a slightly wild and sassy edge! We Brits are very skilled at emotional control, but I love it when a little of the wilful side escapes. These products were born of a sense of fun, and I hope they brighten up your day.


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My Own Bathtub

Coming soon: MY OWN BATHTUB – a premium collection of luxury bath linen.

Bathing is a nightly ritual for me. I have a friend who jokes that I must be part mermaid! The bathtub is a place where I process my thoughts, and cleanse myself of any of the stresses of the day. I love the sensuality of bathing by candlelight, and letting the warm water ease my mind and body, before wrapping myself in the softest, fluffiest bath towel.

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