Your Bag (1)

St. Louis Throw
Size - Small
Colour - Pale Greys
Qty - 1
Price - £12.00


This may well be the wrong thing for a retailer to say, but I want my customers to make considered purchases, and buy something from me – or any other independent brand – that they are going to use and love, and have in their lives for a very long time, if not forever.

I grew up in a “make do and mend” family, and my brand philosophy is to offer premium quality items intended to last, and sold at a fair price. There’s nothing fast or transient about it: my items are not designed and made to be thrown out with the changing seasons. That’s unethical and irresponsible in my view, and not a practice I want to be part of, nor the type of retailer that I want to be. 

There’s no need to dispose of something just because it has a hole in it. Maybe I’m sentimental, but aren’t snuggly old jumpers that you’ve had since way back when the best? Favourite things can be refreshed and revived, it’s simply that we are in danger of forgetting how to do this as a society.

I’d like to encourage anybody to please get the wear out of the items you buy – it’s a poor investment otherwise – and think twice before buying into a fast, cheap, throwaway culture.